NWMC Annual Stage Competition 2017

Tuesday the 1st of August was our annual stage competition. but first, we had our junior magic club meeting, at 6.30pm, with another young magician joining us. We now have six or seven youngsters signed up, however getting them all together seems to be a bit of a problem and on this occasion, we ended up with just the one new member in attendance. However, he was very keen to learn and does have some previous experience. I am pleased to say that both he and his mother stayed for the stage competition. Despite the start being delayed by our short committee meeting.

But back to the competition this year a little disappointingly, we only had three members entering the competition.

First up was Esmor Hooson with a  self-taught rope escape, involving a sports jacket being transferred from the spectator wearing it to Eamor, despite him being tied up in a long rope of many knots all of which were still intact.  The knots had been securely tied around his body by 3 volunteers.

Next to take the stage was Scott Prior, who presented some appearing money, a torn and restored card and a disappearing card deck, that involves the selection of the queen of hearts that turned out to be the only card on top of the deck. This card having been selected with the help of several members of the audience.

Our final act was President Jay Gatling, he gave us his version of the 5 card repeat Chinese rings and appearing boxes of flowers from an empty brown paper bag, followed by a cascade of flowers pouring from the same empty bag onto the stage, and for his final trick is final trick was a different take on the invisible deck.

When the marking papers were collected it was found that Jay had won the competition when is very polished and professional stage act.

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