Mentalism Competition 2019

The contestants pictured with our 2018-2019 President .
Left to right Dennis White, Chris Baglin, Nick Marshall (President), Jay Gatling, Dave Baker

The Contestants and the order of play;

1)         Flighty Dennis White.

2)         Mover & Shaker Dave Baker.

3)         Always Battling Jay Gatling

4)         Never Straggling The Professor Chris Baglan.

Previous Contestants and Others who sadly stayed away or could not play;

1)         Paul Hughes.

2)         Graham Land.

3)         George Mogel.

4)         Janet Newman-Carty.

The times they took;

1)         A flighty 8 minutes and 10 seconds (saving the best for next year).

2)         Without much warning and lots of travelling a shaky 21 minutes and 27 seconds. 

3)         Gatling with Battlin precision ,18 minutes and 39 seconds.

4)         The Professor, with a time in motion clipboard, a thoughtful 21 minutes and 20 seconds (or thereabouts).

Their Strategies.

1)         Dennis-Short and sweet tattooing and a flighty flight to Rome.

2)         Dave-Doing very little and achieving lots with just a bit too much travel padding.

3)         Jay-Keeping the film industry alive with some old favourites.

4)         Chris-Mind reading and murder, that’s the lengths some will go to.

The waistcoats;

One was blue and there were two.

What they did.

Dennis White.

Two effects, one a prediction and the second mind reading.

Mind reading; identifying where a tattoo was placed and the actual tattoo-a black panther on the shoulder.

Predicting not only the country of travel, Italy, but also the place, Rome (it could have been Venice or Florence).

Dave Baker.

Three effects, involving mind reading, prediction and the impossible.

The first, the impossible, a named card at a named number.

The second how did he know? forty years ago and many miles away a spectator would cut to 25 cards, eighteen of which were red and with a total number of spots was 178 (or thereabouts).

The third the impossible, thought of cards spelt out from a mixed pack, with the last card named before the Jack of Diamonds was revealed. 

He did well. And of course we all knew that.

Jay Gatling.

Four effects. First effect was a throwaway, one in which a predicted card matches the only card not discarded, from a pack of fifty two, by the spectator. The second a mind reading effect where a film is selected from a choice of fifty different films and Jay discerns by the power of his mind that Jack Nicholson, starred in the psychological thriller, The Shining. The third effect the name of a someone close is written down and somehow, another throwaway perhaps, Jay determines that Lisa should get the drinks in. The fourth and final effect and relying on the turnaround and spin principle an on the spot brainwave, correctly predicted that any card merely touched and slid forward from a spread pack of fifty two different cards matched.

Chris Baglin.

Two effects, themed on mind reading, truth, lies and finding a murderer using cunning cheeky interrogation techniques and a logical clipboard. What more could you ask for?

The first effect; four different spectators (or was it five?) each thought of a card. Chris discerned two correctly but could not connect to the psychic waves of the other spectators. It’s not easy this mind reading. The second effect involved five spectators on stage, well chairs actually, one of whom unknown to Chris but known to everyone else becomes a theoretical murderer. Each spectator could either tell the truth all the time or lie all the time. From a series of questions Chris successfully determined which spectators told only the truth or only lies and finally identified the murderer. The names of the spectators has been withheld to protect the guilty.

The Winner.

With precision timing, a dapper blue waistcoat and solid material saw Battlin’ Gatling take the title.

Thanks to the Plucky Four,

It takes some bottle to get up and have a go and so well done and a big thanks to all the four Contestants for giving us all an entertaining evening.

Thanks to Tim Bridle for a fantastic write up.