Close Up Award

  • 1977        Terry Jones
  • 1978        Terry Jones/Dr. Bob King
  • 1979        Dr. Bob King
  • 1980        Terry Jones
  • 1982        Terry Jones
  • 1983        David Jones
  • 1985        Robert John
  • 1986        Noel Massey
  • 1987        Noel Massey
  • 1988        Robert John
  • 1989        Paul Ingram
  • 1990        Robert John
  • 1991        Paul Ingram
  • 1992        Paul Ingram
  • 1993        Paul Ingram
  • 1994        Terry Jones
  • 1995        Paul Edwards
  • 1996        Paul Roberts
  • 1998        Howard Hughes and John Broomhead
  • 1999        Paul Edwards
  • 2000        Ged Morris
  • 2001        Russell Roberts
  • 2002        Paul Ingram
  • 2003        Ged Morris
  • 2004        Paul Edwards
  • 2005        Russell Roberts
  • 2006        Russell Roberts
  • 2008        Russell Roberts
  • 2009        Elliot Carty
  • 2010        Russell Roberts
  • 2011         Ged Morris
  • 2012         Nick Marshall
  • 2013         Nick Marshall
  • 2014         David Baker
  • 2015         Jay Gatling
  • 2016          Joe Daly

Competition Rules: Close Up 7.4.1:

The Judging Panel will consist of lay people to the ratio of One to each Close Up Table; who will mark on entertainment only, i.e., how much he/she was entertained by the contestant. There shall be at least one magical judge at each Close-Up Table who shall mark under three headings: (a) Skill and Technique, (b) Strength of magical effect upon the Audience. (c) Originality in method of presentation.

Page 4 of 5 Magical Judges may use their discretion as to whether or not an effect is suitable. If not suitable, the Judges will not mark that effect (see also 7.4.5).

7.4.2: The performance shall be not less than 8 minutes and not more than 12 minutes. An audible warning shall be given after 10 minutes have elapsed. Any over-run shall be penalised as follows:- • 1 point to be deducted for each 30 seconds or part thereof. • After 3 minutes the competitor shall be disqualified

7.4.3: Tables will be provided for competitors but may be supplemented by competitors’ own mats, close up cases or other aids with a maximum height of twelve inches

. 7.4.4: Competitors may be required to perform their act at each table in turn. There will be a maximum of four tables.

7.4.5: Competitors are required to perform seated at or standing behind the table or directly to a spectator adjacent to the table. Effects and properties used must be those primarily intended for Close Up work. Large apparatus or tricks which are essentially for platform use are excluded, and the use of such will result in disqualification.

7.4.6: In fairness to other Competitors, where more than one is competing at the same time, music accompaniment or other loud distractions are not permitted during the performance.


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