Shoot Ogawa Lecture 4/7/2017 Wow!

Although Shoot Ogawa, really needed no introduction to the North Wales Magic Circle, as he is a well-known favorite of many of our members, he is a four-time winner of the Magic Castle Magician of the Year award, with countless other awards to his credit, and fans all over the world. However in his short introduction President Jay, did say to Shoot that this lecture has been eagerly awaited by our members since it was first advertised last year.

This was a new lecture that Shoot is touring all over the UK this July, and  I can honestly say I/we were not at any point disappointed in this lecture,  Shoot was sharing some new and wonderful routines, and effects that he has been working on over the last five years. He was also teaching from 3 new DVDs created just for this lecture.  Shoot used these new tricks to emphasize a deeper understanding of his personal magic: what he thinks is a “good magician,” and how to control the power of magic, with an emphasis on practice.  He told us about his rule of 20, he says to practice  20 times and if you are still not happy with your skill level a further 20 times should do the trick, but if not, there is always another 20, but make it fun.

Shoot, started by selecting a victim, sorry spectator,  to be seated at his table for the whole of the presentation, this involved some amusing “table waltzing” byplay with Mike Harris, that somehow set the tone for the whole lecture.

I am going to try to list all the tricks explained but not necessarily in the right order, so fast and so fascinating were the effects, and the explanations, I kind of lost track, but I will do my best. Please forgive me if I have missed any effects but you really should have been here to understand the impact of this lecture.

Shoot started on cards with:“Splitsville” –  A three-phase “Oil and Water” routine with a surprise killer ending.

Then on to a mystifying “Coin Matrix” but with extra moves that Shoot described as easy, but as Howard said later “Shoots definition of easy must be different to ours!”

Then “3×4” – A fun, impromptu coin trick that is very practical. with two variations. it is a 3 fly with an easy method?  (see above)  That can be done with little practice, and a more advanced one, that will take more time to master but is worth the effort.

“French Toast”: A deceptive coin move that looks like a French drop, but the coin completely vanishes from both hands, with variations for easy and intermediate skill levels.

“Coincidence” ( A card trick with alternative methods and difficulty) This has been one of Shoot’s favourite tricks to perform because it’s so visual and baffling for the spectator, they can’t imagine how this could have been setup in advance. Basically, a chosen card becomes the instrument that changes the rest of the deck into a miraculous puzzle. Shoot, has reworked this into multiple parts and effects with methods easy enough for beginners, a second method is more difficult and a third was for experts, but again that is worth the practice because of the final payoff at the conclusion. Shoot demonstrated this then explained in detail, first with the easy method and then with a more advanced technique that makes the trick more fun and fluid.




“Others First” –  A sandwich effect with an extreme, out of nowhere twist. Simple concept, with high impact.

“Jumbo 3 Card Mote” first with an old gimmick and then a new version involving money that ends up clean!

“Ham Sandwich” a 4 card transposition effect that was originated by Barry Price “That won’t bust your knuckles ”

“Passenger Seat” – A coin track using Mike as the audience, so that we could all see how it was done, that had Mike totally baffled. Then, Shoot turned around to show Mike our view and we found out why Mike had been baffled. Brilliant!

The interval had many members in buying mode with Shoot doing a brisk trade in DVDs

Part Two started with

“King’s Ransom” This was a kind of Triumph that puts the “drunk shuffle” to shame using 4 kings.

Then a card trick with a selected card, found at a given number, in a deck, that was in the tuck box, in Mike’s pocket, from the very start. That had me stumped until the explanation made it all clear!  I … think?

Then we had some “Wand and Silk Flip Stick” work that shoot explained was somehow more convincing when slowed down. And it was!

We also had a selection of very “cool rope tricks” and again the explanations made them look so easy.  If only I could remember how he did them!

I may well have missed out some of the effects but I think I have covered the meat of the lecture. except to say that Shoot, who has become synonymous with Ninja / Chinese Rings, did not disappoint us they were prominent at the end of the lecture and just as befalling as ever. However I had read that he had come up with a new move that did not  feature in the lecture, so after the lecture I asked him about this and he was pleased to show some of us that still lingered at the back of the room, at his sales table,  this new move, which is a revolutionary move as follows, the volunteer holds a ring as the magician links another ring to it. Then the magician simply walks away, leaving the volunteer with the double linked rings. Mind-blowing and inspiring and the best convincer I have ever seen.

In summary, this lecture was an important study on Shoot’s own personal success, experience, and philosophy of magic. Something he is willing to share to this degree for the first time, yet it was still full of Shoot’s original tricks his legendary skill and creativity.  This lecture was as entertaining, enlightening, and above all, as full of fun as any I have ever seen. : BY COBERMAN aka Chris O’Brien

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